A guide to learning Spanish – Part 1 – Anybody can learn the Spanish language

Anybody can learn the Spanish language – There are a lot of reasons why someone might want to master Spanish. Perhaps you’re planning a holiday or business trip to some Spanish speaking form maybe you’re thinking of emigrating. It may be which you don’t really got to speak Spanish in the least even so you are just looking to say that you may. The ability to communicate in another language certainly results in an excellent sense of achievement.

Anybody can learn the Spanish language
Anybody can learn the Spanish language

My reasons were just a little mixed. For a long period I had wanted to master another language, as well as for some reason I’d been always drawn to Spanish. I’m not entirely sure why this became. I do think one reason was because of the little I knew about Spain back then somehow appealed to my sense of excellent living. Sun, sand, siestas, late night dinner parties and dark skinned beautiful women! After all there is to Spain than this, except for me, Spain and also the Spanish language held more appeal than say French or German did.

Although I had wanted to master Spanish for a long period I guess the most reason why I finally decided to try and do something about it was eventually because I’d been planning a protracted trip to Central and South America. I’d been close to pass through as much as 19 different countries in which the official national language was Spanish. Well that would be a in 2002. Ever since that day Spanish and all things Spanish both in Spain and in Latin America have literally taken me over. I wouldn’t have believed it then but now Spanish is a component of my day-after-day life. I will speak, read and comprehend Spanish towards the point where I don’t really need to think it over an excessive amount.

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When individuals ask me if I will speak Spanish fluently I’m always just a little hesitant to speak about yes. This truth is despite the fact that I will communicate in Spanish with relative ease I still don’t believe that I do know enough. I’m not really sure if I ever will! There will be always new words and phrases to master for instance and after all these vary from country to country.

I do think one of the many biggest tests for myself is the ability to sit in front from the TV with una cerveza (a beer) and watch a Spanish soap opera (una telenovela) or perhaps a Spanish movie and completely understand everything that is being conducted. In any case, if I will try this in English why shouldn’t I manage to do this too in Spanish? Well I must say I’m definitely not there yet but almost! I highly recommend ‘Pasion de Gavilanes’. It’s a hugely popular telenovela from Columbia. I’ll talk more that it among others in later articles.

So, how did I get from ignorant of one word of Spanish (aside from – gracias and amigo), to the ability to read a Spanish book, speak to some Spanish-speaking friend or watch a Spanish telenovel? Well the solution to that’s what I intend to jot down about inside the coming articles. I’m not intending to lie for you and claim that the journey was a simple one. This truth is learning a brand new language takes some serious amounts of requires a good deal of patience and commitment. However, what I seriously would you like to convey now is anybody can perform it in the event that they rally would you like to.

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In successive article I intend to jot down about preparation. By that I am talking about thinking of the things you should achieve and just how you intend to visit about achieving it. A person intending to learn Spanish overnight and I do think it is smart to ready yourself for the difficulties ahead. Learning a brand new language must be fun and there’s no reason why it shouldn’t be so long as you realise your limitations.

By no means do I consider myself to become someone which has a natural flare for languages. When I visited school (those in years past!) the only real subject I failed in was French. For some reason I basically couldn’t get my head around it. Before I started learning Spanish I knew nothing of other languages. I started right from the start. I guess what I’m trying to speak about is, is that in case I can perform it then believe me anybody can.